Raising your organisation's profile

The Your Future Plan team are keen to work with employers who would like to raise the profile of their organisation and perhaps contribute their time and expertise to support the development of our students’ employability and career awareness.

If you would like to promote your organisation to members of staff, students and graduates at the University of Gloucestershire, there are a number of ways in which the Your Future Plan team can help.

We can:

  • Advertise your opportunities
  • Invite you to careers and employability fairs and networking events
  • Facilitate introductions to relevant academic colleagues and departments
  • Enable you to make a presentation to our students or run a workshop
  • Involve you in the development of our Employability Award – through workshops or the verification of Awards
  • Provide opportunities for sponsorship

If you would like to know more, please e-mail your contact details to futureplan@glos.ac.uk and a member of our team will ring you back to discuss possibilities.